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Vision and Mission

May we nourish to see a healthy humanity and a peaceful world

A holistic understanding of yoga to one and all


Yoga Tip of the Day


When we sit for meditation, we find that it can be a challenging experience. One day, our mind may be speeding, and the very next day we may experience a deep sense of calm. Pranayama practices can help one move from agitation to relaxation, from lethargy to lightness—so that we ease gently into meditative state. Often we need a variety of awakening, calming and focusing practices which may be obtained from the teacher or guide in a meditation session.

Patanjali’s practices of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, also known as Antaranga Yoga, are ways to start our inner journey These practices help discover ourselves and reach that final goal of Samadhi. It requires Sadhana – a sustained effort.

Do you practice meditation?

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