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Vision and Mission

May we nourish to see a healthy humanity and a peaceful world

A holistic understanding of yoga to one and all


Yoga Tip of the Day

Yoga and Psychosomatic Ailments

Psychosomatic Ailments or Adhija in Sanskrit are ailments resulting from our internal stress. When mind is disturbed with repeated speeded up thoughts, the disturbances at the mind level percolate into prana affecting pranic activities like circulation, digestion and respiration. This in turn may result into hormonal imbalances and muscle spasms. Depending on the tendencies we have (due to genetic and other reasons), we will develop pain or dis-function in that aspect of our bodily functions. While one may develop diabetes, the other may develop back or neck pain or a combination of ailments.

How do I overcome?

All animals have a tendency is to simply sleep or rest when they are sick or tired. While sleep is a good way to relax, wakeful state of relaxation is said to give us three times the needed rest to our body, prana and mind. Hence, in our yoga classes, we focus on rest and relaxation. The entire practice of breathing, loosening and asanas is to gently stimulate our body/prana/mind so we consciously relax part by part and with focus into different faculties of our existence.

Do you practice yoga? Please remember to consult your doctor before doing so.

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