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Vision and Mission

May we nourish to see a healthy humanity and a peaceful world

A holistic understanding of yoga to one and all


Yoga Tip of the Day

Yoga and Epilepsy

Yoga has wonderful practices one could take refuge in to prevent and even cure an existing case of epilepsy. One can practice various, gentle Asanas under the guidance of an experienced Yoga Therapist.

There have been various studies done to establish the fact that yoga can reduce the number of seizures in people with epilepsy and improve their emotional well-being.  It is also based on the observation that alleviating stress can benefit people with chronic seizure disorders.And yoga clearly helps in reducing the underlying stress and establishing an inner calm.

The awareness that develops with the practice of yoga can help the epilepsy patients to detect the onset of an attack of seizure and they can consciously relax before it kick in. This repeated observation and self awareness can, over time reduce the severity, and frequency of attacks and slowly progress towards complete health. Various techniques of Pranayama and meditation can be customized to suit a patient's need.

Please consult your doctor before practicing yoga.

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