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Yoga Courses (SF / Bay Area Chapter)

Courses in Yoga Therapy

Yoga Bharati offers Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT) and Yoga Therapy Certification Course (RYT-500 equivalent). These courses are extensive courses in yoga and its therapeutic applications along with a depth in yoga philosophy from the ancient scriptures of Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. We are affiliated to Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (SVYASA), Bangalore, a premier Yoga University in India that has conducted research on yoga and its application to various ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Backpain, Asthma, Cancer, etc. SVYASA has published more than 100 research papers and these are peer reviewed, published in various international journals and can be found on pubmed (keywords to search 'Vivekananda yoga'). This exhaustive and fulfilling course is provided and made easy for the busy working people. We have designed this course to be do-it-at-your-pace course although attending the classes is compulsory. This course is in the process of being registered for RYT-500 and IAYT. Below are some details.

We are launching two Courses:
  • Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT): This is an extensive course in yoga and its therapeutic applications along with a depth in yoga philosophy. This will applied for IAYT certification.
  • Yoga Therapy Certification Course for Yoga Teachers (YTC): A subset of DYT with exclusions on VYASA's Arogyadhama visit, Field Practice and Dissertation requirements. A Certificate from Yoga Bharati will be given and can be used towards RYT500 or these credits can be used towards future DYT course.

Six Weeks Intensive Course:
     Duration: Jan 31st - March 15th, 2015
     Date/Time: Sat and Sun - 10am-4.30pm
     Venue: TBD (Either South Bay or East Bay)

Monthly One weekend:
     Start Date: April 2015- Nov 2015
     When: First weekend of every month (Except July and Aug)

  • Human Anatomy And Physiology
    • Terms, Body Planes, Movements, Cells, Tissues, Muscles, Joints
    • Homeostasis, Nature versus Nurture
    • Musculo-skeletal, nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, etc
    • Stress, Sympathetic, Parasympathetic system etc
  • Common Ailments
    • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
    • Gastro Intestinal Disorders
    • Cardio-Vascular Disorders
    • Respiratory Disorders
    • Neurological Disorders
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Yoga Therapy Training
    • Yoga for Back pain
    • Yoga for Headache
    • Yoga for Diabetes Mellitus
    • Yoga for Gastrointestinal Disorder
    • Yoga for Menstrual Disorders
    • Yoga for Obesity
    • Yoga for Asthma
    • Yoga for Hypertension
    • Yoga for Anxiety Depression
    • Dynamic yoga for Weight Management
    • Yoga for Arthritis
    • Yoga for Epilepsy
    • Yoga for Knee Pain
    • Yoga for Muscular Dystrophy
    • Yoga for Oncology
    • Suknma Vyayama: Simple and Standard
    • Voice Culture
  • Yogic Texts
    • Patanjali Yoga Sutras
    • Bhagavad Gita
  • CAM
    • Ayurveda
    • Naturopathy
  • Research Methodologies
  • Advancing in Yoga (Deepening your practice)
Additional requirements for PGDYT
  • You will be submitting a set of assignments at the end and taking a bunch of viva and other simple tests. Note: Examination is conducted in affiliation with VYASA.
  • You can start field practice after that.
  • You will be visiting Prashanti, VYASA's health center in Bangalore for a minimum period of 14 days (two weeks) for clinical observation. This is the most valuable experience one gets in their therapy course. The staff of VYASA gives special attention and training for you.
  • You will prepare a dissertation of 16 yoga participants in 8 ailments after conducting a minimum of 2 months of yoga therapy for each of them and tracking their progress.
  • You will appear for a set of exams as administered by VYASA (YB exam center).
  • You will present the dissertation to VYASA faculty (over webcast or at Bangalore center).
Yoga Therapy Certification Course: This course is designed towards a certification for RYT 500. This course will give you deeper concepts of yoga and yoga therapy and will put you in a path to signup for PGDYT later when you can.

DETAILS ABOUT PGDYT Pre-requisite: YIC (Yoga Instructors Course or Yoga Teachers Training)

Course highlights:

  • One weekend in a month class on Saturday and Sunday 1pm-6pm in the Bay Area, California
  • Twice a week morning 6am online classes and study groups in the Bay Area, California
  • Lectures by Staff from SVYASA or other field experts - in person and teleconference
  • Self-Study, Self practice, completing assignments and tests at the local center (Bay Area)
  • Field Practice - Therapy classes to be taught by the students for the project report (dissertation)
  • Visit to Prashanti Kutiram (Health Center) of Vyasa (Bangalore, India) for a min duration of 2 weeks, ideally 4 weeks, at your convenience
  • Project report/Dissertation on various ailments that includes your research

What to expect from this course?

  • An extensive knowledge of various yoga practices and their applications in addressing ailments - Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
  • Study of human anatomy with respect to various psychosomatic ailments
  • Concepts of four streams of yoga through Bhagavad Gita - Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga
  • Selected sutras of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and their meanings and concept
  • Alternative therapy like Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc.
  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Yoga Techniques
  • Spiritual Self growth
  • A goal towards achieving peace and harmony for the self and the society

What can I do after completing this course?
One can choose to establish one's career as a Yoga Therapy Teacher for psychosomatic ailments or one can simply use this knowledge and experience to help ones own health and spiritual growth; Or help the community and take this as a hobby.

What is the duration of the course?
The course is a brought in affiliation with SVYASA, Bangalore. The course is a self paced course, but coming to the classes for contact hours is a must. Non-contact hours are done at your convenience and logged for our records. All the assignments and tests are to be submitted at your pace which will then be assessed and evaluated by the faculty for grading purposes. Upon completion of all the requirements, a certificate will be issued. An average working individual should give himself/herself, 2-3 years to complete the course depending on one's commitment and dedication.

Why should I take this course with Yoga Bharati?

Yoga Bharati's goal is to provide the students with high standards of education and a glimpse into the spiritual grandeur of yoga and its multi-faceted field. This course is a platform for spiritual sadhana (self study and practice) to achieve a better quality of life resulting from the practice of yoga, both on and off the mat.

Yoga Bharati has been conducting therapeutic yoga classes for various ailments since 2008. Our yoga teachers are in constant touch with VYASA experts in handling various ailments and are experienced enough to conduct classes to share their knowledge and experience. Apart from this, Yoga Bharati will be hosting experts in the field of yoga philosophy and therapeutic applications of yoga from SVYASA, and other organizations as available.

For questions, email workshop @

Yoga Teachers Training (RYT-200/YTT 200)

Yoga Instructors/Foundation Course (YIC/YFC)

Yoga Instructors Course (YIC) is a yoga teachers training program that prepares the student to teach holistic yoga in the community. This course integrates the various aspects of yoga such as asanas, pranayama, kriyas, meditation techniques and the very essence of yogic literature along with philosophy into a holistic composite - thus enabling the student to understand and impart the knowledge of yoga in its entirety. Yoga Bharati conducts Yoga Teachers Training every year in the Bay Area from April to June. 

Yoga Bharati is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance (RYS 200). After completing the course, one can sign up with Yoga Alliance to become RYT-200.

Class Schedule:
         March 7th 2015 - May 31st 2015
         7:00 AM to Noon 
         Venue: South Bay (mostlySunnyvale)

         Registration form
         mailing address for payment: 

         Yoga Bharati
         7630 Kirwin Lane
         Cupertino, CA 95014

         Email: yicc @ 
         Phone: Madhavi- (408) 507-4590

About YIC (also known as YICC)

YIC is a certificate program designed by Viveknananda Yoga Research Foundation VYASA (also known as SVYASA), which is a premier Yoga University in Bengaluru, India. Based on 25 years of in-depth study in the field of yoga and spirituality VYASA has published many research papers on yoga and its therapeutic applications. Our goal is to combine the best of the West (modern scientific research) with the best of the East (yoga and spirituality) in making our Yoga Teachers Training , a unique program.

The student will be systematically trained in the techniques of yoga and to begin his/her own journey of self-awareness and development.

About YFC

Yoga Foundation Course (YFC) is a subset of Yoga Teachers Training meant for people who are looking for in-depth knowledge of yoga and its philosophy for their personal interests. This course enables them to practice yoga with deeper awareness, hence enhancing the benefits of yoga.

Benefits of the course

  • Greater self-awareness and consciousness
  • Ability to synergize one's mind, body and soul
  • Holistic understanding of the philosophy of yoga
  • Stress management, prevention of stress related ailments
  • Introduction to anatomy, Sanskrit and Ayurveda
  • Improved memory, creativity & calmness through pranayama, meditation
  • Empowerment to serve the society through yoga careers
  • Yoga philosophy taught by the great yogi, Yogashree N.V.Raghuram

This certificate program is also the foundation course for those interested in the advanced programs, such as therapy oriented course at Yoga Bharati or Masters and Phd programs at SVYASA. Details of SVYASA's other programs at SVYASA homepage

Course Details

YIC consists of following parts:

Part 1 - Theory & Practice

  • Yoga - Need of the hour, yoga concept and definitions
  • Philosophy, Streams of Yoga and Unity in Diversity
  • Application of Yoga
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga and Stress Management
  • Yoga and Diet
  • Teaching Techniques and Introduction to Research
  • Pranayama, meditation, kriyas, bandhas and Mudras


Part 2 Field Practice & Project Report

  • 30 hours of teaching as field practice
  • A detailed report on a yoga subject


Part 3 (RYT-200 Requirements)

  • Shadowing of instructors in public classes
  • Study groups
  • Yoga Bharati workshops
  • Yoga Bharati organized retreats


Course Requirements


  Yoga Foundation Course - includes Part 1 (Theory & Practice).
  Does not include Project report and field practice. Participants get participation certificate if they need it.
  Does not include YIC certificate.
  FEE : Please Contact us for details 


 Yoga Instructor Course - includes Part 1 (Theory & Practice) + Part 2 (Project report and field practice)

YIC Certificate from VYASA will be awarded upon completion of parts 1 and 2.


 Includes Part 1 (Theory & Practice) + Part 2 (Field Practice & Project Report) + Part 3(study groups, teacher shadowing, retreats and workshops)

YIC Certificate from VYASA and Yoga Bharati Certificate with Yoga Alliance RYS 200 logo will be awarded upon completion of RYT 200 requirements (parts 1, 2 & 3).


 We limit the class size to facilitate personalized attention, therefore it is strongly recommended to register as early as possible. You can sign-up for YIC by completing the registration form and submitting it with the course fee as detailed on the form.

For any other discounts, please contact us at the above contact address.
  FEE : Please contact us at the above contact address for details.


Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before practicing yoga