Swami Bodhananda Saraswati

Swami Bodhananda is highly respected in America and India as an accomplished teacher of Vedanta and meditation. He was born in Mattatur, Kerala, 36 miles from Kalady, the birthplace of Adi Sankaracharya. After completing his undergraduate work in economics, he fulfilled his aspirations joining the Saraswati order as a brahmachari—one of ten sannyasa orders established by Adi Shankaracharya, the renowned 8th century Indian philosopher and exponent of Advaita Vedanta. In 1978, after several years of intensive study, he embarked on his mission of teaching. His brilliance as both a student and teacher of Vedanta was apparent, and, in 1984, he was initiated into sannyas ashram—the crown of renunciation.

Presently, Swami Bodhananda is the Spiritual Founder and Director of 12 organizations and ashrams under the umbrella of the Sambodh Foundation, New Delhi, India (1991); the Bodhananda Research Foundation for Management and Leadership Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, India (1994); and, The Sambodh Society, Inc. (1997), his American organization.

Swami Bodhananda is the author of several books: Meditation: The Awakening of Inner Powers, and The Gita & Management, and a monograph titled, “Rishi Vision,” and his most recent book, Self Unfoldment in An Interactive World (2001).

In 1997, Swami Bodhananda began his mission in America and, at the end of his first tour he, along with a group of devotees, established The Sambodh Society, Inc. for the purpose of teaching meditation and Vedanta. Three years later, in early November 2000, a 32-acre parcel of wooded land near Kalamazoo, Michigan was purchased, establishing Swamiji’s first center and headquarters in the United States.

Swamiji returns annually to the US, teaching meditation, offering lectures in Vedantic wisdom. He is highly praised for his adaptive rendering of Vedanta to the modern individual’s needs and circumstances, helping people apply spiritual principles and practices to their immediate environment. Indicative of this is Swamiji’s leadership as an early innovator and proponent of the movement to integrate spiritual values, based upon the Vedas, into the modern corporate management environment.

Swami Bodhananda has been characterized as a ‘cutting edge’ Swami, deeply imbued with the perennial philosophy of Vedanta and a living expression of its ideals.

Swamiji had given talks on various topics:

TOPICS for Home Satsangs and public lectures

He was very well received in the bay area during his prior visits.

He is the author of several books:
The Gita and management
Meditation: Awakening your inner power
Eight Steps to Self-Unfoldment and Rishi Vision
Sambodh Meditations
Rishi Vision

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