Swami Anubhavananda


Swami Anubhavananda, truly, the name echoes his being. He is the Experience of Happiness. Happiness which spreads like a divine breeze amongst all who have come in contact with him.

Swami Anubhavananda's personality reflects both the simple being and the erudite scholar. He is suave and witty. He is equally at home with people of all ages, be it the kids or teenagers, or middle aged or old aged. He communicates the most difficult of the philosophy in a simple and direct manner. His words directly address the heart and breathes into us a new life of joy.

The world is growing more complex and is in a constant state of flux. He comes not to fulfill our wishes but to full fill our hearts with the nectar of Divine love. It is this capacity to enliven the fountain of joy in each one's heart, that makes Swami Anubhavananda widely sought after.

His Mauj Mein Raho audiocassettes obliterates the oft-quoted feeling that Happiness is more a mirage than a reality, it is impractical and best forgotten. But those who have heard his series Mauj Mein Raho are left with no option but to say " Happiness indeed is attainable inspite of all challenges ". He is himself the best example of this state - one who is never perturbed , who under all conditions is in joy .

His oneness with the Self has become the springboard of ideas, concepts, thoughts which instantly strike a chemistry with the avid listener. His lively discourses on The Bhagvad Geeta, The Upanishads, Srimad Bhagvatam, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Panchadasi, Amrutanubhav, Vidyan Bhairav, Vedanta Bhupali, and Tripura Rahasya have endeared him to all his listeners. One of the recently released book is GUIDED MEDITATIONS.

If his books reveal his mastery over the subject , his 2000 hours of audio cassettes brings forward one more facet of his personality a prolific speaker . He has to his credit over 250 Geeta Gnana Yagnas ( spiritual discourses on the Bhagvad Geeta ) and other Vedantic texts.

Swamiji has been honoured by a doctorate by the INTER CULTURAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NETHERLANDS for his treatise "Chinmayi" - a scholarly commentary on Amrutanubhav of Sant Gyaneshwar.

Management Seminars have been the hall mark of his talks. He has been invited by several well known organizations, such as Parle Biscuits, Bankers Training College (R B I), Yash Pharma, Tata Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad Management Association, Crompton & Greaves Ltd. to conduct Management Seminars

He is the founder of the SAT BHAVANA TRUST, whose "Mauj Mein Raho" logo reflects his approach to Life - BE HAPPY.

Know more about Swamiji on www.behappyinc.org